This is the almost mature son of Kinky the Clouded Leopard strolling with his mother along the Borneo Rainforest Lodge access road at 9.00 pm on 28 October 2011. These two Clouded Leopards appeared completely unconcerned with our presence.

02 IMG_0845.JPG

03 IMG_0853.JPG

These are photos of Kinky herself with a very long kinked tail. Female Clouded Leopards usually hunt alone in the canopy for primates whilst males walk long distances along ridge trails hunting for wild pigs. Female Clouded leopards are less than half the weight of males. Females average 11 kg whilst males average 24 kg. In captivity males frequently kill females. Thus Kinky was probably relying on the presence of her son both for help with killing large prey and for protection if they encountered a male Clouded Leopard on the ground.

This is Kinky again photographed by Garry Steptowe at 17.15 pm on 17 April 2014 near the BRL lodge. As of August 2019 Kinky is sill seen regularly in area surrounding the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.