ABOVE: Sabah Langur Presbytis sabana (white morph) Although white morph grey langurs have been reported in the past they are obviously very rare. This is the first photographic record of any white morph grey langur. This photo was taken by Charlie Ryan of Sticky Rice Travel  at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah on 7 May 2018.  Ryan reports that out of a family of six, two of the females were white morphs. The baby is obviously the normal morph.

Sabah Langur Tabin.jpg
Sabah Langur Presbytis sabana (normal morph male). This male was feeding on the unripe bean pods  of Adenanthera pavona a common small leguminous tree of the forest edge in Borneo. This photo courtesy of Lawrence Chin, GM Tabin WR.Edited Ryan White morph Sabah Langur at Tabin _J6I4827

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