ABOVE: Black-eared Pigmy Squirrel Nannosciurus melanotis photographed eating bark on a tree next to the forest trail that leads up to the Kalimantan View Point at the Borneo Heights Resort at Gunung Penrissen.

Nannosciurus melanotis IMG_4229
The surface bark of the whole tree had been stripped  including areas previously covered by moss and lichens.

01 IMG_4286.jpg

Two species of Pigmy Squirrels are found in the forest surrounding the Borneo Heights Resort, at Gunung Penrissen. Most common is the Bornean Pigmy Squirrel Exilisciurus exilis. The Black-eared Pigmy Squirrel is generally much less common than the E. exilis in Sarawak and so far has not been recorded in either Brunei or Sabah.

01 Borneo heights IMG_5731
The Kalimantan View Platform at Borneo Heights Resort near Kuching, Sarawak. the summit of Gunung Penrissen is in the background.

Kuching area from Birds