Mountain Treeshrew Tupaia montana  is locally common in the forest around Kinabalu Park HQ in Sabah up to Paka Cave  at 3,170m on the Kinabalu Summit Trail. This ground dwelling treeshrew is frequently confused with the Bornean Mountain Ground Squirrel Dremomys everetti which is even more common at Park HQ.

These two common ground dwelling mammals  can be told apart as follows;

(1) Treeshrew has a long nose with a “wet” glossy tip. Ground Squirrel has a short blunt “dry” furry nose .

(2) Treeshrew has a long thin tail. Ground Squirrel has a short thick tail.

(3) Mountain Treeshrew has a faint “shoulder stripe” like most treeshrews. Ground Squirrel does not have a shoulder stripe.

Tupaia montana 3Y3A4067

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Tupaia montana 3Y3A4057

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