ABOVE: One of the resident pod of Common Bottlenose Dolphins Tursiops truncatus  that occupy the  deep sea channel between Pulau Maratua and Pulau Kakaban two of the Derawan Islands off the coast of East Kalimantan. Note the small notch in the dorsal fin.

Photo by Quentin Phillipps taken on 03 January 2011.

Maratua dolphin IMG_7575 v2.jpg
The channel between Maratua and Kakaban is part of the Makassar Trench a major migration route for whales and dolphins travelling across the equator.
A second member of the same pod taken at the same time.
Tursiops truncatus Borneo IMG_7554.jpg
A third member of the same dolphin pod taken at the same time.
Pulau Maratua Kakaban .jpg
Pulau Maratua is around 2.5 hours by speedboat from Berau/Tg Redeb in East Kalimantan. The channel between Pulau Kakaban and Pulau Maratua is probably the best site in Borneo for whale and dolphin watching.

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