ABOVE:   Trefoil Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus trifoliatus a locally common insect eating Horseshoe Bat photographed by Jungle Dave at Meriuk Farm Stay , Wasai Bedanu, Tutong, Brunei on 21 April 2016. This bat is easily recognized by the yellow (not grey or pink) noseleaf used to modulate the sonar sound emitted by the bat when hunting for prey.

R. trifoliatus  is usually alone and hunts by flycatching.

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This bat is “flycatching ” waiting near an open space for a large insect or small bat or bird to fly through the clearing. Movement is detected by constant frequency sonar –  high pitched sounds emitted by the bat.  The sound reflected by the fluttering of the prey  returns to the large ears and  allows the bat to triangulate  the source of the sound and fly out to capture the prey.

Rhinolophus trifoliatus Brunei P1160791.JPG

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