Bornean Mountain Ground Squirrel Dremomys everetti eating waste noodles in the rubbish dump at Panar Laban, the overnight accommodation for tourists doing the Kinabalu summit climb. Panar Laban at 3,000m  is almost at the treeline on Kinabalu. Only two mammals reach this height on Kinabalu the Kinabalu Rat Rattus baluensis and the Ground Squirrel.

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Mountain Ground Squirrel IMG_1031 .jpg

02 Kinabalu IMG_1062.jpg
The view from Panar Laban up to the Donkey’s ears on Kinabalu.
01 Kinabalu summit IMG_1042.jpg
View from Panar Laban  to the bare rocks of the Kinabalu summit approximately 3 hours of scrambling  away.
01 Kinabalu summit trail IMG_1100 - Copy.jpg
Panar Laban the overnight accommodation for  tourists climbing to the summit of Kinabalu is located just below the treeline  on Kinabalu at approx. 3,000m asl.