ABOVE: Red Langurs  living in a the Sabah Softwoods industrial tree plantation at Brumas near Tawau  in Sabah.

All photographs by Shavez Cheema of 1StopBorneo Wildlife who reports that the Red Langurs are  feeding on both the leaves and the bark of the planted trees.

According to Sabah Softwoods most of the plantation is planted up with two different species of non-native trees;

(1) Eucalyptus pellita native to the tropical Cape York peninsula in Australia and

(2) Falcataria moluccana (Moluccan albizia) name to the Moluccas in E. Indonesia.

However it is not clear if the langurs eat the leaves of both species  or just the  Albizia which is a legume (bean family). Langurs are known to favour the leaves of legumes.

Shavez Red Langur Brumas Borneo 3N1A4560
The trees in the photo above are Eucalyptus pellita.