Borneo hosts 2 species of Muntjac .

The Red Muntjac Muntiacus muntjak and the Yellow Muntjac Muntiacus atheroides

All the 26 photos in the article below are of Yellow Muntjac Muntiacis atheroides  a Borneo endemic.

For camera trap photos of Red Muntjac in Borneo see Red & Yellow Muntjac: How to distinguish: Part 02.


Size 15% larger 15% smaller
Weight 20-28 kg 14-18 kg
Male antlers Two tines. One long, one short One single straight tine
Female No horns No horns
Color body and legs Uniformly reddish brown apart from darker legs Pale yellow flanks and legs with dark line along ridge of back.
Tail color Same as reddish coat.  No contrast between flanks and tail. Dark tail contrasts with the pale flanks as it continues the dark back line
Legs Darker than flanks Same as flanks (paler)
Back of head Paler than flanks often with a striking patch of yellow orange hair Darker than flanks extending along the back and continuing on to the tail
Face male Twin black lines extending up horns. Pale gap between base of horns No black line extending up horns. Gap between horns is dark and extends all the way along the ridge of the back.
Face female Prominent black eyebrows but pale between the ears. Dark forehead extending between the ears all the way along the back to the tail.

There are multiple mistakes in the WWF Camera trap Muntjac IDs