ABOVE: Bornean Striped Palm Civet Arctogalidia trivirgata  feeding on the ripe fruit of Vitex pinnata  (Malayan Teak) a very common tree at Bako. Note the white spot on the end of the tail. Note that only a small proportion of Bornean Striped Palm Civets (under 15%) have a white tipped tail.

For help with ID thanks to Bosco Chan.

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Vitex pinnata at Bako 56603.jpg
Vitex pinnata  or Malayan Teak  is a common medium sized tree in the Lamiaceae plant family  found in secondary forest throughout Borneo. The  small fruit are produced in bunches but each fruit ripens separately encouraging   daily visits by dispersers. In Kota Kinabalu the fruit are dispersed by Pink-necked Green Pigeons Treron vernans.

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