Otter Civet Cynogale bennetti foraging in a damp roadside ditch next to a logging road at Deramakot FMU in Sabah. This civet was probably hunting for frogs. An FMU is a forestry Management Unit normally logged on a sustainable 30 year cycle. All photos by Mike Gordon.

Otter Civets are the least common of the 4 species of civets that hunt on the ground at Deramakot. The figures below show the number of occasions that different species of terrestrial civets were camera trapped in a study carried out by Wilting, Samejima and Azlan Mohamed in a six month period July 2008-January 2009.
  • Otter Civet (9)
  • Banded Civet (35)
  • Island (Common) Palm Civet (156)
  • Malay Civet (222)
Terrestrial Civets recorded at Deramakot