Shavez Cheema Irawaddy Dolphin Wallace Bay Tawau WEB
Two male Irawaddy Dolphins Orcaella brevirostris   chasing a female in Cowie Bay, Tawau, Sabah. Photo by Shavez Cheema of 1StopBorneo Wildlife

A  study by Teoh et al (2013) estimated a population of 31 Irawaddy Dolphins living in Cowie Bay in 2010. Map below from a study by  Norhashim and Jaaman (2011).

Norhashim & Jaaman (2011)  Map.jpg

Teoh et al (2013) Population size of Irawaddy Dolphin in Cowie Bay

Norhashim & Jaaman (2011) Humpback Dolphin and Irawaddy Dolphins in Cowie Bay