Sambar Deer photographed at night grazing on the grassy padang next to the Maliau Basin  Field Studies Center in Sabah. Sambar Deer are  grazers rather than browsers i.e. they prefer grass to leaves but will eat almost anything that grows in the Borneo forests including bark, leaves and fruit. Sambar deer have been recorded frequently breaking into the plant nursery at Maliau to eat young Belian seedlings. See the article below.

Qie et al (2018) Impending regeneration failure of Borneo Ironwood Eusidroxylon zwageri

02 Sambar Deer at Maliau 3Y3A2290.JPG

Belian seedlings are common drift seeds  and often wash up on beaches near river mouths in Borneo. These seeds were photographed on Pulau Maratua  which is opposite the Berau river mouth in East Kalimantan.
belian trunk at Imbak 14th -17th March 2017 AP (335) - Copy.JPG
This massive ancient Belian tree (Borneo Ironwood)  Eusiderxylon zwageri can be seen at  the Imbak Canyon in Sabah. Anthea Phillipps shows the scale.
Wilfred Madius Tangau Maliau Belian seedlings.jpg
Belian seedlings  in the plant  nursery at Maliau. Photo by Wilfred Madius Tangau
The Maliau Basin Field Studies Centre in Central Sabah is surrounded bu lightly logged forest adjacent to the virgin forest  within the Maliau Basin itself.

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